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Sharouh - Rinse FM Connect'HER
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[#LImaALaMaison] Arabic Sound System voyage Sharouh - DJ set
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Sharouh @ Middle East & North Africa Livestream Special 03/07/2020 w/ visuals by VJ L'Aubaine
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Sharouh | camille camille sessions x Ecoute Meuf
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Sarah Perez : DJ and producer, based in Paris, available all year round.


Sharouh is a Mediterranean DJ and producer who blends electro with music from the Maghreb, the Middle East, Greece and Turkey. Her remixes of Judeo-Arab nuggets and North African girl power sometimes give way to acid and punk touches in vibrant sets where samples of feminist speeches rub shoulders with oriental percussion and analogue synths.


Single "Khelli خلِّي"

Khelli خلِّي is an ode to free women and is written with maqam bass lines and analog drums. The voice is sampled from a young Tunisian woman speaking out against street harassment and is mixed with some vintage drum machines and oriental keyboards. This is a track that pays tribute to teenage girls and to those who are not always heard.

"A 100% coexist DJ and producer, Sharouh remixes Judeo-Arabic songs and Mizrahi music nuggets, in sets that explore the different forms of musical syncretism in the Jewish and Arab worlds, from Tangier to Baghdad"  L'Institut du Monde Arabe


"Sharouh, aka Sarah Perez, is a multi-talented artist. As a DJ and producer, she creates rich and varied sound environments, from live shows to art installations. Among other nuggets from the sunset, Sharouh offers us a selection from the Judeo-Arabic register" Belleville Fi Galbi


"Dj and producer Sharouh creates irresistibly danceable mixes where Middle Eastern, Maghrebian and Mediterranean music blends with more electronic sounds. Fascinated by the various forms of musical syncretism born of encounters between Arab, Judeo-Arab, Berber and Mizrahi cultures, she is particularly interested in the role played by women in this heritage" La Bobine


- 2023: Support act for Acid Arab in Nice. 1st show in Marrakech and performance at the Femena Fest at the Institut Français in Tunis. Release of first original track on Nowadays Records, playlists (Electropolis on Deezer, Manifesto XXI...).

- 2022: European Museum Night at the Palais de la Porte Dorée in Paris. French Institute in Khartoum, Sudan. Guest at Womex 2022, Pannel: No Genders, No Borders

- 2021: Sound Design for the exhibition Juifs d'Orient at the Institut du Monde Arabe and musical selection for the exhibition. Co-foundation of Beats By Girlz France, a free music production initiation and training programme for women and gender minorities. Invited to the Journées Musicales de Carthagen Tunisie, Panel: "Visibility of women in the contemporary music industry, MENA region and diaspora".

- Since 2018: music compositions for films, short films, contemporary dance shows, theatre. Sound design for several art installations and exhibitions.


New Morning, Bellevilloise, Petit Bain, Le Mazette, Madame Loyal, La Flèche d'Or, Le Point Fort d'Aubervilliers, FGO-Barbara, Main d'Oeuvres, Atelier des artistes en exil, Badaboom, Le Hasard Ludique, La Belle Electrique (Grenoble), Wax (Tunis), Kabana (Marrakech), Independance Club (Madrid), Sala Caracol (Madrid), Sala Equis (Madrid), Tabacalera (Madrid), El Rouge (Barcelona)


23.09 Festival Desoriental, Bellevilloise, Paris
9.09 Macki Festival Off Open Air, Bobigny
10.08 Acid Arab Opening, Hôtel Amour, Nice
22.07 Dance of Didon, Wax Bar, Tunis
14.07 Akuphone, Petit Bain, Paris
08.07 Tunis Sur Seine, Point Fort d'Aubervilliers
01.07 Kabana, Marrakech
23.06 La Belle Electrique, Grenoble
10.06 Horizons Festival, Landéda
29.05 Connect'her Takeover Rinse, Paris
08.05 Dalâla Festival, Doc, Paris
28.04 Barbes Music Boxing, FGO, Paris
16.03 Femena Fest, Institut Français de Tunis
09.03 Venus Club, Badaboum, Paris
25.02 Beirut Electro Parade, Bellevilloise, PariS
14.02 Mahragan Beat, Le Chinois, Montreuil
28.01 Alimentation Générale, Paris
26.01 La Sucrée, Rosa Bonheur, Paris
21.01 Discoriental, Le Mazette, Paris

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