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Pixvae _ Oí Vé
Pixvae en session live

Pixvae keeps evolving during its constant research of balance between the festive essence of currulao, this afro-colombian traditional music, and the wicks lit by the pioneering researchers of Lyon’s musical underground. The code name of this off-road adventure is « Chonta-21 ». It sounds like the name of a highway between Cali and Lyon : watch out the unexpected turns and thrilling yaws ! At the traffic jam of Africa, Atlantic and Pacific’s crossroad, the head-chief switchman is once again named Romain Dugelay. From the origins of this trans-continental odyssey, he composes maps, couples territories and offers new perspectives. Faithful to the ongoing hybridization tradition of the music from the black meta-continent, he articulates this new repertoire with a focus on the Marimba de Chonta, central instrument of currulao. With his longstanding partners (Léo Dumont on drums & Damien Cluzel on guitar) from the Kouma power trio, Romain Dugelay’s saxophones and keys meet up with the Juan Carlos Arrechea’s marimba, fundamental encounter during the 2017 « Kaixu » tour, and with Israël Quinones, who appeared in 2019 on « Cali ». The first named is brought to push rhythmics and sounds of his instrument to the boundaries of jazz and rock. The second one adds his voice to the cantadora Jennifer « Xiomora » Torres who just turns up in the venture. These last three are the basis of melodic works with the proposal of original lyrics, for a modern rereading of topics stem from currulao.


The Cie 4000 unveils a new crunchy album with the aim of shaking up even more the landscape of globalized music! The gushing franco-colombian combo Pixvae is back and we already feel the vibes of the trance coming from its new album. Pixvae releases “Oì Vé”, a supercharged cocktail that sounds like an invitation to a festive and mystic trip between Cali and Lyon. The magical formula stays the same: the blast of Colombian currulao with an alloy mined from the depths of rock and jazz. However “Oì Vé” marks an evolution within this unfettered reinterpretation of this afro-colombian traditional music.This new repertoire revolves around the Marimba de Chonta, central instrument of currulao. The original French team, with the power trio Kouma and the vocal power of Margaux Delatour, gets back with joy to the Colombian accomplices Juan Carlo Arrechea (marimba and percussions), Israël Quinones (percussions and vocals) et Jennifer “Xiomora” Torres (vocals). This subtle and powerful combination grows even larger with original compositions and lyrics that provide a new dimension to the initial energy of the band, which initially comes from traditional repertoire… Pixvae remains an epic journey across borders!

”Shakes, jolts and a journey as mystical as it is festive: welcome to the illuminated slopes of a revisited traditional rhythm..” Rolling Stone

”Between polyrhythms and Afro-Colombian songs, rock-noise energy and jazzcore, the Franco-Colombian group takes us into its intoxicating trance.” FIP

"As mystical as they are noisy, their electric trance should have an effect." TELERAMA

"Pixvae is the infectious joy of Afro-Colombian songs and rhythms that border on trance, carried by the jolts and energy of jazz and European rock” FIP 

"There are successful musical transplants, transplants that no one dares to believe that suddenly come to life and this is the case of the Pixvae musical experience." FRANCE CULTURE

"An explosive mix between traditional Colombian rhythms, solemn folk songs and hardcore with a jazz twist." JAZZ NEWS

"On the solid foundations of currulao, Pixvae builds a brawling rock mixed with jazz, replacing marimba patterns with fierce guitars and the visceral pulsations of cununos and bombos with shaking drums." THE WIRE


- New live-report video of the 2024’s tour to be release fall 2024

- New album recording and to be released 2025/26


Womex, Womad, Latino Power Festival Bogota, Pohoda Festival, Nancy Jazz Pulsation, Golbaltica Festival, Jazz à Vienne, Les Suds à Arles, Aux Heures d’été, Bimhuis, Jazz à la Villette, Les Vielles Charrues, Katowice Jazz Art Festival…

tour 2024

19.01 L’Astrolabe Figeac (46)

20.01 Albi Jazz Festival Albi (81)

23.01 Jumeaux Jazz Club Lausanne (CH)

26.01 La Grande Boutique Kergrist-Moëlou (22)

27.01 Antre Peaux Bourges (18)

31.01 Live RFI Paris (75)

01.02 Paul B Massy (91)

02.02 Théâtre les 3 Chênes Laval (53)

03.02 Le Périscope Lyon (69)

04.02 La Lampisterie Brassac-les-Mines (63)

12.07 Jazz A Vienne Vienne (38)

13.07 Les Fêtes Escales Vénissieux (69)

18.07 La Naute Champagnat (23)

19.07 Les Scènes d’été Beauvais (60)

20.07 Fest Globaltica Gdynia (PL)

21.07 Summer Jazz Academy Fest Lodz (Pl)

22.07 Workshop Summer Jazz Academy Lodz (Pl)

24.07 Zamek Culture Centre Poznan (Pl)

29.07 Festival du Péristyle Lyon (69)

30.07 Festival du Péristyle Lyon (69)

31.07 Guinguette Chez Alriq Bordeaux (33)

01.08 Fest La Tempora Narbonne (11)

03.08 Fest Bonnac Plage Bonnac (09)

04.08 Festival de Comboros Saint-Gervais-d’Auvergne (63) 

11.10 Espace DjangoStrasbourg (67)

13.10 Nancy Jazz Pulsation Nancy (54)

18.10 La Grange à Musique Creil (60)

24.10 La Cordo Romans-sur-Isère (26)

25.10 La Fabrik Saint-Martin-en-Haut (69)

30.10 Open Air Durango Café Pau (64)

31.10 L’Atelier du Neez Jurançon (64)

01.11 Fest Locombia - Le Taquin Toulouse (31)

07.11 Le Gorille Gap (05)

08.11 La Soierie Faverges (74)

09.11 Kartell Culturel Bienne (Ch)


27.02 La Cave 12 Genève (73) 

28.02 Klangfarben Kuftein (Au)

01.03 Les Monts de l’Utopie Rochesson (88)


Thibault  +33 6 60 68 26 08

6 musicians + 2 technicians, based in Lyon, available March 2025 / Fall 2025

Jennyfer "Xiomara" Torres: voice & guasa
Israel Quinones: voice & guasa
Damien Cluzel: electric guitar
Romain Dugelay: baritone Saxophon
Juan Carlos Arrechea: drums & chonta marimba
Léo Dumont: drums

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