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Pambelé - Live Sessions -Te Entundo
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Pambelé - Live Sessions - La Frutera
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Pambelé - Live Sessions - Dámelo
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Line-up: 7 musicians + 1 technician, based in Lyon, available all year round

Rebecca Roger: vocals, percussion

Luisa Caceres: vocals, tenor sax, gaitas

Giles Davenport: guitar

Paul Charnay: keyboards, organ

Alex Lefko: percussion, backing vocals

Lorenzo Morrone: percussion

J.Mario Vargas: percussion, backing vocals


Caribbean music is one of the most diverse in the world. Its repertoires cross the oceans and are constantly being enriched through a mise en abîme of sound and narrative. Pambelé combines the trance of Afro-Colombian rhythms with the psychedelic sounds of the sixties. Traditional drums from the north coast of Colombia intertwine with the gentle melodies of the tenor saxophone and syncopated guitar. The vocals are smooth and powerful, the keyboards acid, the organ layers enveloping and the percussion frenetic. Pambelé is a spellbinding trance, a boundless musical playground where improvisation upsets the rhythm and warms the heart. The atmosphere is electric, torrid and exhilarating. On stage, you'll be caught up in Pambelé's intoxicating fever, and your body will start to dance.


- Release of 1st single on March 8 on Palenque Record, the reference label for these aesthetics.

- Yomira John the new singer: 20 years of international career & collaborations (Ricky Martin, Luis Miguel, Gilberto Santarosa etc.), Central American Cultural Ambassador by the Organization of American States

- Residency at Le Périscope, Lyon & Concert with BCUC at Marché Gare

- Some 15 upcoming dates: Radio Meuh Circus Festival, Transbordeur with La Yegros, Musiques Métisses in Colmar, Festival Tempo Latino...


TOUR 2024

28.03 Marché Gare - Lyon

02.04 Les Mardis du Grand Marais - Riorges

05.04 Radio Meuh Circus Festival - La Clusaz

26.04 Transbordeur - Lyon

19.05 Festival Musiques Métisses - Colmar

02.06 Les Pelouses Sonores - Strasbourg

08.06 Festival Paille à Sons - Chartres

15.06 Festival Les Outre-mers - Rives

21.06 Fête de la Musique - Genas

28.06 Festival Magnytude - Magny-le-Hongre

06.06 Festival l'Oasis Bizz’Art - Dieulefit

26.07 Festival Tempo Latino - Vic Fezensac

27.07 Festival Tempo Latino - Vic Fezensac

Festival Woodstower, Festival Samba Al Pais, Festival Helden In Het Park (BE), Soirée Nova Lyon, Before Jazz A Vienne, Festival Convivencia, Festival Locombia, Festival Horizons ...

With the support of SPEDIDAM


TOUR 2023

28.10 Festival Locombia, Art'Cade, Foix 
27.10 CCVA, Villeurbanne 
14.10 Bal à Fives,  Lille
16.09 Les Aires, Théâtre de Die et du Diois 
02.09 La Fiesta des Gazelles, Marsanne
27.08 Woodstower Festival, Lyon
24.08 Les Grandes Voisines, Francheville
05.08 Estivales, Toul 
03.08 Festival Helden In Het Park, Eeklo (BE)
23.07 Festival Samba Al Pais, St-Antonin-Noble-Val
15.06 Château De Goutelas, Marcoux 
10.06 Festival Horizons, Landéda
01.06 Before Jazz A Vienne, Les Abattoirs, Bourgoin Jailleu
05.05 Soirée Radio Nova - Lyon
18.03 Le Crescent, Mâcon

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